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These by-laws will apply in conjunction with the PCQ By-laws and our Club Constitution.


  1. It is recommended that horses attending rallies should be vaccinated for Hendra.

  2. If PIC numbers and Blue Card applications (necessary for those without children in the Club) are not supplied within 6 weeks of joining, riders are not able to come to a rally or school and are not able to compete.


  1. Any person desiring to become a member, or re-apply to become a member, shall be proposed and seconded by two financial members of the club and accepted by a majority of the Management Meeting, will be notified after the Management Meeting. A probationary period of 3 months will be imposed by the committee.

  2. Any member being accepted into this club shall, at all times, come under the instruction and discipline of the Instructor/s or Official/s of this pony club at pony club rallies or fixtures or while using the Tamborine Pony Club grounds or facilities or at any PCQ event.

  3. Definition of a Riding Member: A riding member must come mounted or prepared to mount, to take active part during the day’s procedures. Definition of a Social Member: A social member is any financial member who does not ride.

  4. Membership Age : Under 17 years - Juniors 17 and under 26 - Associates 26 years and over - Seniors

  5. Membership Fees: Fees are set at the annual general meeting  First Riding Member in a family - $185 (includes $87.62 for PCQ fee and insurance and $12.38 for PCA fee)  Subsequent Riding members in Family - $175 (includes $100 for PCQ and PCA as above)  Social Member - $65 (includes $35 PCQ insurance)  Second Social Member in a family - $35 (this is the PCQ insurance)  Rally Fee - $5 for first rider in family, $8 for two or more riders in a family  (Membership ends 31st December each year.) Applications to be tabled at next club meeting or emailed to committee members for approval if new members

  6. Riders must be financial members before they can represent the club. All fees are payable by their first rally.

  7. Members can only belong to one pony club. Members wishing to transfer to another club must obtain a clearance from their club if they have been a member in the previous 2 years.

  8. Members 17 and under joining the club must have a parent join as a Social member and also a parent or nominated adult present at each rally or competition attended or while using the grounds and facilities.

  9. Helping at rallies – when you arrive and have seen to your horses’ needs, make your way over to the clubhouse and find out how you can help in setting up for the day.

  10. Helping at home events – assistance is expected to set up, to assist with the running of the event and to pack up. For a member (Junior, Associate and Senior) to ride at a club event, they need to ensure an adult attends on the set up day and assists on the event day, otherwise they will not be allowed to compete in that event. You may appeal to the committee to exchange this day for another or another activity, due at our monthly meeting prior to the event. The set up days are advised in the Handbook/Calendar and via email. Seniors and Associates may help at another Club competition in lieu of having a helper on the day but MUST attend the working bee + help as requested on the day of competition. As we are a small club, assistance is needed from all members where possible.

  11. Working bees and mowing the grounds – there will be times when assistance is needed and support is needed from Club members as we are a volunteer organisation.

  12. Canteen duty – each family is expected to do 2 duties each year at rallies and must indicate dates at Sign-on or when they join. Seniors/Associates will only do 1 duty if there are sufficient members. It is their responsibility to change with another member if you can no longer do that day.

  13. Toilet duty – each family is required to clean the toilet/shower blocks at least once in the year and need to indicate the date at Sign-on or when they join

  14. Failure to do Canteen and Toilet Duty - Club will put into place a Volunteer Levy of $200, in the following year, on every family which does not do their Canteen and Toilet duties. This will be reimbursed if the duties are done the following year. Levy to be paid prior to membership application. [Passed 24 Nov, 2019]

  15. Members may obtain a key and ride on the grounds at times other than rallies. Keys will be issued when a riding member has attended two rallies and the payment of a yearly fee of $30, including a $20 bond on the key. Keys must be returned to the Secretary at the end of the Pony Club year unless membership for the following year is paid. Riders must always wear a helmet and Junior riders must be accompanied by an adult. No Jumping unless an instructor is present. If a PC instructor, they must have their NCAS1. If a private instructor, their C of C must be sighted by the Secretary prior to the lesson. Secretary must be emailed or texted prior to using the grounds, preferably 24 hours beforehand, and it will be noted in the Minutes. Inability to do this, may result in forfeiting the privilege of being able to use the grounds

  16. If you have private lessons at the grounds, your instructor must have insurance and you must provide evidence of this to the Secretary prior to the lesson. If it is with a PC instructor, they must have their NCAS1. Secretary must be emailed or texted prior to using the grounds, preferably 24 hours beforehand, and it will be noted in the Minutes. Inability to do this, may result in forfeiting the privilege of being able to use the grounds


  1. Any member missing three consecutive meetings without leave shall automatically forfeit their position.

  2. The committee shall have the power to accept or exclude any application for membership, and may discipline any member in the club for any reasonable cause.


  1. The club colours will be a maroon long sleeved shirt, black tie, Club badge, beige jodhpurs, black sleeveless Vnecked pullover, brown or black boots with matching gaiters optional (or long brown or black top boots) and AS/NZS 3838, EN1384 (made up to or including 2015, EN1384+ VGI or ASTM F1163 helmet (refer PCQ Gear Check Book) and club saddle cloth which must be used for competitions and Points’ Day (rally on first Sunday of the month). For other pony club rallies, the maroon club polo shirt should be worn. Black sleeveless Vnecked pullover is optional, when wearing the formal/competition uniform, if weather is hot.

  2. Juniors may wear long boots or leather gaiters matching their short boots (refer to PCQ Gear Check Book)

  3. Pony Club uniform must be worn when representing the club at fixtures or other events. The club saddlecloth must be used when representing the club at fixtures or other events.

  4. An approved helmet and riding boots must be worn at all times when mounted on the pony club grounds. Closed footwear must be worn when handling horses on the grounds.


  1. Nominations for some competitions, schools and other Pony Club events will need to be done by the member online (please email Secretary that you are attending so you can get credit for Attendance as you are representing the Club). Some nominations will still need to be made through Tamborine Pony Club’s Secretary by the date specified (usually 3 to 4 days before close of nominations): all details required on the completed nomination form MUST be forwarded to the Secretary (if this is not possible, please text ALL the required information. The nomination fee needs to be paid to the club when the nomination is made (please do electronic transfer at time of nomination or contact Secretary to arrange payment), or nomination will not be forwarded to the host Club.

  2. Persons must be financial members of the club at least one month and attend 2 rallies before competing in pony club events, however the Committee may, at any time prior to an event, refuse such nomination or entry without assigning any reason for such.

  3. If it is a new rider/horse combination, they must attend 2 rallies before competing in pony club events. Alternatively they may be assessed, at a time to be decided with the Chief Instructor, to confirm safety. In certain circumstances, attendance at one rally may be deemed sufficient by Chief Instructor, if combination is safe and confident.


  1. The Club’s Chief Instructor will have complete control of rallies, with the power to ask for assistance.

  2. With the help and assistance of all club instructors and parents, children shall be prepared for their proficiency certificates.

  3. All instruction carried out as laid down by the PCQ.


  1. NO DOGS are allowed on the grounds.


  1. No stallion, colt, entire or rig is eligible to take part in any event, competition, rally or otherwise at any function conducted by the club.


  1. A horse may be either owner ridden, leased to or owned by a financial member and regularly ridden at pony club. (A lease is necessary if the horse ridden is not owned by a financial member. Please fill in a PCQ Lease form available from the Secretary)


  1. All office-bearers and members of the Club who do not have children attending the Club MUST have a Blue Card. All officials (judges, technical delegates and coursebuilders) MUST have a Blue Card. Application forms are available from the Secretary


  1. Day yards are available to members for use on rally days, competitions and schools.

  2. Day yards must be left clean


  1. Administration, eating and office areas are smoke free as are change rooms and toilets, indoor spectator viewing areas, outdoor seating areas and riding areas. 38. Volunteers, officials and coaches are to refrain from smoking while acting in an official capacity.

  2. Riders are to refrain from smoking while in uniform. PCQ and PCA POLICIES

  3. Please familiarise yourself with the PCQ and PCA policies which we need to follow: available on PCQ website